Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is eco-friendly silver?

    Eco-friendly silver is produced from recycled scrap sterling silver (925) in a traceable and fully audited process that is 100% recycled sterling silver.  It is the environmentally friendly option and sustainable alternative to sterling silver. It is made of 100% recycled and scrap silver products, such as scrap jewellery, medical equipment, electronics and giftware.  Eco Silver can be both treated and worked with in the same way as silver for the same quality results.  The eco silver (100% recycled sterling silver) is sourced from long-established reputable UK bullion company, where I use a range of products including wire, sheet, and solder.

  • What is Argentium silver?

    Argentium silver (935) is a modern silver alloy and contains 93.5% as opposed to sterling silver 92.5% silver content.  The smaller remaining percentage is usually made up of copper but in the case of Argentium silver there is copper with the addition of the metalloid germanium.  The addition of germanium allows the silver to be more tarnish resistant.  The Fern, Oak, Laurel and beaded jewellery items by Jen Williams Jewellery are made with Argentium silver.

  • What is fine silver?

    Fine silver is pure silver (999) and is 99.9% silver.  Fine silver is very soft and is ideal for setting larger gemstones.

  • What is my ring size?

    If you are unsure about your ring size or want to know what measurements are used when making your ring, please use this website as your reference: